Mountains or Seas? — The God who can be amazed

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2 min readMay 28, 2020

Are you a mountain person or a sea person? Do you prefer the hills or the beaches?

I want you to picture yourself in one of these places right now. Picture yourself staring into the vastness in front of you, whether it’s lush greenery, or the sun meeting the sea at the horizon.

Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it do something within your soul? Does it not make you go “aah” in wonder?

There’s something about looking at the beauty of a scenery like that that requires a response of awe.

As humans, we’ve all experienced it, haven’t we?

I can’t help but imagine Jesus feeling that way too, when He walked on this earth.

He usually prayed up the mountain, and spent a lot of time at the sea of Galilee. I wonder if He picked those spots on purpose.

I can’t help but think about Jesus looking down from the mountain top and sighing at its beauty. Or staring at the horizon, across the sea, and smiling at its wonder.

I mean, think about Jesus, as a man, just like you and I, looking at a scenery and sighing.

For a moment, forget that He created it, and imagine Him, as a man, staring into the scenery and falling in love with it.

I’m saying this because, for some reason, we don’t really think God can look at beauty and say, “wow.”

Just because He created it all, it doesn’t sit well with some of us that even He can be amazed.

But I believe He does look and experiences wonder at things that are beautiful and lovely.

He did in Genesis 1. He looked at all that was made and ‘He saw that it was good.’

I believe He didn’t stop there. I choose to believe that Jesus looked at the sea and the mountains and sighed, because they were beautiful. He would know. He made them.

And yet, with all the beauty He saw, with all the marvelous things He made, I believe nothing compares to the feeling He gets when He looks at His most prized creation — you.

He still looks at you, and sighs…because you’re beautiful. He should know. He made you.

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